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    Baoji 90 after using titanium to do spoon

    Transfer from: Tencent. Daqin network Social News December 12, 2017
    Source: Baoji Daily
    Original link:http://xian.qq.com/a/20171212/007744.htm

    Yes, a spoon can be sold for $ 11? Yes, in Baoji City Logistics E-Commerce Industrial Park, a cross-border e-commerce company founded by "90s" made the titanium material into knives, forks, spoons, , Sold to the United States, Britain and other countries, once in three days, product sales reached more than 230 million.

    "Titanium lightweight, non-toxic, durable, in Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries have been widely used in outdoor products ... ..." Talking about these titanium outdoor products, computer professional background Dong Zhenbang first Road. It is understood that Dong Zhenbang, 25, first started business in Fuzhou and cooperated with others in cross-border e-commerce. At that time, they mainly sells outdoor garments, shoes and hats, etc. With the gradual understanding of the overseas market for outdoor products, Dong Zhenbang discovers that outdoor products made of titanium material are well received by many professionals because of their anti-corrosion, extreme temperature resistance and easy deformation. Outdoor people of all ages. "I am a Baoji and my hometown is China's Titanium Valley. Why not start a hometown business?" Dong Zhenbang quickly put into action and resigned back to Baoji, together with his "buddy" of the same age, and was established in September 2016 Companies, and registered their own brand, please design, processing titanium outdoor products, sold online from abroad in many countries.
    December 5, the reporter saw in the company with outdoor products made of titanium, and took in his hand 掂 掂 weight and found much lighter than the stainless steel products. According to reports, this is because the density of titanium smaller, a spoon weighs only 17 grams, even the largest 900 ml glass, only 126 grams. At present, the sales volume of these products on the Internet has been rising steadily. The company has also set up warehouses in the United States, Texas and the United Kingdom. In the future, Dong Zhenbang also plans to design and produce titanium "pots and pans", football helmets, etc., to "titanium" into daily life, so that it produces greater economic benefits.

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