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    "Titanium" production plant to break the foreignt

    Turn from:  Technology Daily Network     2017-12-15
    Article Source:  Technology Daily
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    Technology Daily News (Reporter Zhang Yun) reporter learned from Qinghai Science and Technology Agency, at present, by the Qinghai enterprises independently developed electronic gun main function device "high-power high-frequency high-voltage power supply" has achieved mass production, the localization of the device used in titanium Metal production of special equipment electron beam cold bed furnace, the smooth operation, and set a record to achieve a total investment of 352 million yuan titanium and titanium alloy ingot sales of good results. This move has provided effective experience in enhancing the localization of functional devices for electron guns in China, accelerating the market application of precious metal "titanium" and the cost of compressing the industry.

     Electron gun is the main equipment for the production of titanium and titanium alloy. With "titanium" as an important strategic metal plays a decisive role in the national economy and national defense, smelting and purification of titanium metal directly affects the quality and safety of aviation-based nuclear weapons and equipment. For a long time, only Germany, Britain, France and other countries have made deep research on the EB furnace smelting equipment. Due to the technical restrictions, the domestic titanium metal production equipment has come from abroad, which has brought a series of obstacles to the development of Chinese enterprises.
    Qinghai Juneng Titanium Co., Ltd. is the only high-tech state-owned enterprise specializing in the production and processing of titanium and titanium alloy in Qinghai province. In 2016, the titanium ingot weighing 20 tons produced by Qingjian Junergy Titanium Co., Ltd. became the largest single titanium ingot nationwide and even in Asia as a whole.

    In order to get rid of the long-term "controlled by others" status quo, five years ago, the enterprise embarked on the project of "research and development and industrialization of electron beam cooling bed melting furnace". With the efforts of experts and technicians in various fields for nearly two years, by the end of 2014, Enterprises successfully break through the key technology of electronic guns and "high-power high-frequency high-voltage power supply" core bottleneck technology, and create a prototype. The project passed the acceptance test this year and the developed partial electron guns and power cabinets of the project have better performance than imported equipment and are maturely applied to imported equipment at a cost of only 20% of that of foreign equipment.
    "Compared with the traditional vacuum consumable arc furnace, EB furnace has strong ability to remove high and low density inclusions, ingot does not produce segregation.EB furnace to gradually replace the vacuum consumable arc furnace is the inevitable trend of future development . "The company general manager Tang Zenghui introduction.

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