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    Titanium metal mini bottle opener

    From:dahe.cn   2016-06-12
    Source: Zhongguancun Online
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    Dragon Boat Festival just past three days a small holiday, I believe there are many users will choose to take this opportunity to go out to play. Find a calm, elegant environment, local tourism, outdoor picnic barbecue, enjoy the holiday fun. On the trip, we often encounter open glass bottles, beer bottles or cans food, etc., this time usually we will carry the Swiss army knife, but the Swiss Army knife larger, the weight is not small.


    Only common coin size mini multi-purpose bottle opener appearance

    Recently, a new foreign ultra-mini bottle opener appearance, the size and size of a penny ordinary coins, but the function is very rich. This ultra-mini bottle opener is made of titanium and is very strong and durable. It can be hung on the key chain, the weight is almost negligible.

    This artifact in use is also very simple, the hook on the bottle cap, gently pull it can be very simple. In addition to dealing with the bottle cap, opening the cans is also its strength, the operation is also very easy.

    It is worth mentioning that, due to the use of titanium materials, with strength, density and hardness characteristics. Therefore, it can also be used as a trailer hook in emergency situations. Of course, this is only used to emergency measures. More often, or when the bottle opener most reliable.






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