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    Titanium market demand data analysis

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    According to the statistics of China Titanium & Zirconium Association, the demand for titanium market in China is about 2.9 million tons during the initial period of the 13th Five-Year Plan. From now till 2020, the production and consumption of titanium in China will reach 4 million to 4.5 million tons and the future market will be huge . China's aviation industry is expected to bring the demand for 110,000 tons of high-end titanium materials in the next 10 years with an output value of nearly 40 billion yuan. Titanium is widely used in the aviation industry, and titanium for civil aircraft accounts for about 20-25% of the weight of the frame. Titanium uses up to 9,000 tons of titanium in the military industry. This shows the huge demand for titanium from the military. According to the forecast of the chemical industry, the chemical industry's annual titanium consumption will exceed 1,500 tons. The application of building materials accounts for about 44% of the total. The roof of the National Grand Theater is entirely made of titanium plate, which is a typical case of architectural titanium. The dome uses about 100 tons of titanium. China's medical titanium consumption in more than 1084 tons, according to the medical device industry estimates: medical titanium will be 20% -30% annual growth rate. This will further promote the application of titanium, the medical titanium market by 2020 will reach 514 billion US dollars.

    China's titanium civilian market is still in rapid development. In 2016, China's demand for sponge titanium was 2.8 million tons (including titanium for steel) and its demand for titanium materials was 2.6 million tons. With the improvement of people's living standard, there will be more and more demand for titanium products such as golf balls in sports and leisure. Each year for the manufacture of titanium golf gear titanium up to 6,000 tons. As the economies of the world are getting closer together. From the statistical data, air passenger volume will double every 15 years, then the next 15-20 years, with the continuous strengthening of global economic and trade relations, air passenger volume will also increase at such a pace, so the titanium Market prospects are good. Titanium investment industry continued to improve. We think the high titanium market economy will run through 2017, product prices are still upside.

    (Source: Yunnan West gold mining)

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