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    Invitation of Ti-Expo 2017 is nearing completion

    The China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo 2017 opening has been held less than half a month, after nearly two months the work of the invitation and exhibition has quietly come to an end.

    It has 118 companies have signed up for the Titanium Industry Expo 2017 (Ti-Expo) until April 9, 2017. In addition to Baotai Group, Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Guizhou Zun(Ti) Group, PanGang Group Company Limited, 725 Institute, Hebei Hengxiang Titanium Alloy Co., Ltd., Xinpengyuan Intelligent Equipment Group Co., Ltd., Bao Steel Special Steel Group, Yunnan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd., State Nuclear Bao Ti Zirconium Industry Co., Ltd., Luoyang Shuangrui Wanji Titanium Co., Ltd., Qinghai Juneng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan City Titanium Metal Technology Co., Ltd. and other famous enterprises have already enrolled. Compared with 2015, the booth area was increased to 1152 square meters, up by 58% over the same period of last year. For the moment, the special booths have all been full, standard booths are about to be sold out.

    At the same time, in addition to the progress of the intense work of the invitation & exhibition , invitation of the visitors are also underway. According to incomplete statistics, since the invitations letter of Ti-Expo have been issued so far, the organizing committee has successively received 500 visitors and more than 20,000 visitors from industry organizations, academicians, experts and scholars and industry professionals have applied . It is not difficult to see that the influence of the titanium industry expo is also growing year by year.

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