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    In order to advance high-quality development of the titanium industry,promotewide application of titanium products in high-end equipment manufacturing, and improve width and depth of titanium application coverage, the 3rd china Tianium Vally International Tianium Industry Expo will be held from April 26 to 28, 2019, at Baoji International Convention &Exhibition Center.

    This event is hosted by People's Government of Baoji Municipality & China Tianium Association, and organized by Management Committee of Baoji Hi-Tech Zone & Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co, Ltd. Four featured exhibition areas are planned: China Titanium Valley Area, Inernational Area, University R&D Aera, Titanium & Life Area.

    Concurrently, 2019 China Titanium Annual Conference & Titanium Industry Summit Forum will be held. Government departments, industrial associations, experts, scholars, senior mangers of corporations and industry elites will be invited for the occasion to analyze development and trends of the titanium industry, explore innovative thoughts of the titanium industry and share titanium indestry results in the new era.

    We warmly invite domestic and international colleagues & friends to gather in "China Valley" Baoji again and see grand Titanium Event!

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