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    China International Titanium Exhibition is the only one approved by government agencies exhibition, sponsored by China Non-Ferrous Metals Industray Association Titanium Zirconium & Hafnium Branch(CNIA-TI, and other authorities strongly support ,and the Beijing Haven Exhibition Co., Ltd. sole contractor. Exhibition content covers the entire titanium industry chain and areas of trade and investment , held for many years to effectively promote the application of titanium in the aerospace, marine, chemical, military, equipment manufacturing and other fields of extensive use of titanium industry ,to continuously promote the titanium industry production technology to newer and higher development.TIEXPO is the most popular exhibitions at home and abroad, and also the world's largest professional exhibition at presente.

    “2018 Eleventh China (Beijing) International Titanium Industry Exhibition” will be held in September 2018 in Beijing.The exhibition will create a set of policy analysis, cooperation and exchange, investment negotiation, project promotion and other activities in one, guided by the market orientation, establish a products trade, cooperation and exchange platform. We sincerely invite large enterprises with international influence and small and medium-sized enterprises with innovative vitality to compete on the same stage, show all abilities ,and keep pace with the development of the times, and actively promote the technological progress of the industry and industrial transformation upgrading, promote the rapid development of all areas of titanium industry in the future.

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