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    Applied in aerospace, defense industry, shipbuilding, marine engineering, nuclear power, petrochemical, power industry, rail transportation, automobile manufacturing, information and communication, electronic products, power tools, metallurgical industry, light industry, anti-corrosion engineering , Medical equipment, architectural decoration, motorcycles, bicycles, sports outdoor equipment, household appliances, daily necessities, artware and other fields of titanium products;

    Basic titanium materials and products: Ti ore, sponge titanium, Ti powder, Ti ingot, material in shapes of bars, tubing, plate, strip, wire, cake, and ring, profiles, target, castings, forgings, etc.

    Alloy materials, technologies and products: equipment technology of titanium sponge, corrosion resistant titanium alloy, high temperature titanium alloy, high strength and high toughness titanium alloy, function and medical titanium, powder metallurgy titanium alloy, coating technology, special processing technology, titanium matrix composites, casting technology, forging technology, welding technology, and so on;

    Products production technology and equipment: equipment of mineral separation, metallurgical equipment, smelting equipment, processing equipment (heating, casting, forging, extrusion, rolling processing, stretching, straightening, cutting, welding, etc.), special processing equipment, 3D printing technology and laser forming equipment, instruments and meters, and so on;

    Zirconium and hafnium materials, products: Zirconium and hafnium base materials, ceramic materials, functional materials, alloy materials, as well as in the nuclear industry, nuclear power plants, petrochemicals, atomic energy industry and other fields of application products;

    Industry organizations, media, research institutions, consulting service, investment, etc.

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