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China International Titanium Expo (TIEXPO for short) and China Titanium Valley International Titanium Industry Expo are the largest and most influential titanium exhibitions in the world, which have been successfully held for many years. TIEXPO aims to advance the global development of the titanium industry and promote economic exchange and cooperation, always adheres to the mission of industrial development, stays at the forefront of the market,contributes to better development of the titanium industry, helps the global titanium enterprises to expand the market, and strives to create the most authoritative and professional titanium industry event. The two expos attracted more than 250 exhibitors and more than 20,000 professional visitors from over 20 countries including the United States, Russia, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Japan. The exhibition scale tops the global titanium industry firmly. As TIEXPO innovates and develops continuously, its influence is increasing day by day. TIEXPO has developed into an international sharing and win-win platform for trade negotiations, technical exchanges, brand promotion, and cross-border cooperation.

As the basic material for the high-end manufacturing industry, titanium has been used more and more in aerospace, shipping, military equipment and other fields and its competitiveness has been increasing year by year with its high-efficiency and high-performance properties. In recent years, driven by China's active macroeconomic policies and market demand, both the quantity and the price of titanium raw materials and products increase, the quality has been continuously improved, and the overall situation trends towards a good prospect. In order to promote the high-quality development of the titanium industry to reach a new level, to help titanium companies improve the capability, expand the market, and seize opportunities, TIEXPO 2020 will be held in Beijing from October 14 to 16. Guided by the market development, TIEXPO deeply integrates industry resources, continuously innovates, and will contribute large purchasing group and rich activities in new look to all exhibitors.   

A variety of supporting activities will be held during the exhibition. Experts, scholars and industrial elites at home and abroad will be invited for this occasion to jointly analyze the industrial development situation and share the latest development achievements. TIEXPO2020 sincerely invites friends at home and abroad to gather in Beijing and work together to compose a new chapter of the titanium industry!