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Baoji Wanfu International Hotel

66 Binhe Road, hi tech Zone, Baoji City


Baoji Yucai Hotel

About 50 meters northeast of the intersection of South Ring Road and middle Chencang Road, Chencang District, Baoji City



Baoji Jianguo Hotel

South section of Zhengzheng East Road, Jintai District, Baoji City


Vienna International Hotel (Baoji High Speed Railway South Station)

20 Zhanqian Avenue, Weibin District, Baoji City


Business tourism  

Famen Temple


Famen Temple is a famous temple in China. It was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty, it became a royal temple. Because of the placement of Sakyamuni's phalanx relic, it became a Buddhist holy land that the whole country looked up to. According to historical records, in order to carry forward Buddhism, Ashoka of India distributed Buddhist relics to various places, where Buddhist pagodas were built for worship. Famen Temple is one of the largest.

Opening hours: 08:00 ~ 17:30 

Address: Famen Town, Fufeng County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, China

 Taibai Mountain Scenic Spot 


Taibai Mountain is the main peak of the famous Qinling Mountains in China, with an altitude of 3767 meters. It has been a famous mountain since ancient times. Stretching more than 1500 kilometers from east to west, the Qinling Mountains span several provinces in China. They are known as the Dragon Ridge of China, the dragon head of the Central Plains, the Central National Park of the Chinese people, and the father mountain of the Chinese nation. They are the dividing mountains of climate, geography, and water system between the north and the south of China. The unique regional location and magical natural characteristics endow Taibai Mountain with profound natural and cultural values, forming the unique charm of Taibai Mountain National Forest Park different from other famous mountains and rivers. Within the altitude of more than 3000 meters of Taibai Mountain, there are very clear animal and plant belts that can only be seen within thousands of kilometers of the earth's surface. Taibai Mountain National Forest Park is characterized by convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, long history, rich and unique forest ecological resources, various biological species, ancient origin, unique hot spring resources, rich and precious medicine resources, unique landform and various forms of glacier relics in the fourth quarter, and is known as "Asia natural botanical garden", "China natural zoo" and "World Heritage" "The fourth glacier Natural Museum" and so on.

Opening hours: peak season: 8:00-18:00, off season: 8:00-16:00  

Address: No.1, Fatang Road, Meixian County, Baoji City

Bronze Museum


Baoji bronze museum is the largest and only bronze Museum in China. It is located in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, which is "the hometown of Emperor Yan, the hometown of bronze, the holy land of Buddha bones and the hometown of Shehuo". It is the only special museum named after bronze in China. The main building area is 10000 square meters. It is a unique style of "platform five tripods". It is majestic, novel and unique. It condenses the profound connotation of the tripod system in the Western Zhou Dynasty. It is listed as a milestone in the history of Chinese bronze collection and a landmark building in Baoji, an important town in the West. The whole courtyard is composed of the hometown of bronze, the state of Zhou Li, the road of Empire and the light of wisdom. There are more than 1000 bronzes in the collection, such as he Zun, zhe Gong, Li Wang Hu, Qiang pan, Qin Gong and Wei Ding.

Opening hours: 09:00-17:00 (January 1 - December 31, Tuesday - Sunday).

Address: Zhonghua shigu garden, Weibin District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province