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Exhibits Profile

▍Ti products applied to fields such as aerospace, national defense and military industry, shipbuilding, oceaneering, energy and nuclear power, petrochemical engineering, electricity, railway and transportation,vehicle manufacturing, information communication, electronic products, electric power tools, metallurgy industry, light industry, anti-corrosion engineering, medical devices, architectural ornaments, motorbikes, bicycles, sports and outdoor equipment, household appliances, daily necessities and artwares.

▍Basic materials & products: titanium ore, sponge titanium, titanium powder, titanium ingot, titanium bar, titanium tube, titanium plate,titanium strip, titanium wire, titanium disk, titanium loop, titanium profile, titanium target, casting piece, forcing piece and etc.

▍Titanium and titanium alloy materials and technologies and products, sponge titanium equipment and technology, corrosion-resistant titanium alloy, high temperature titanium alloy, high-strength and high-tenacity titanium alloy, functional and medical titanium alloy, powder metallurgy titanium alloy, coating technology, special machining   technology, Ti-based composite, casting technology, forging technology, welding technology and etc.

▍Production technologies and equipment: preparation equipment, metallurgical equipment, smelting equipment, machining equipment (heat treatment, industrial furnace, casting, forging, extruding, rolling, stretching, straightening, cutting, welding, and etc.), specially machining shaping equipment, 3D print technology and laser forming equipment,   instruments and apparatus and etc.

▍Zirconium and hafnium materials and products: basic zirconium and hafnium materials, ceramic materials, functional materials, alloy materials, and products applied to fields such as nuke industry, nuclear power station, petrochemical engineering, atomic energy industry and etc.

▍Industrial organizations, media, scientific research institutions, consultation services, investment invitation, and etc.