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China International Titanium Industry Expo in China Titanium Valley built by various parties has developed into the world's largest professional exhibition after six years. The exhibition content covers the entire titanium industry chain, bringing together industry-leading technologies and high-end products, and can meet a wide range of purchasing demand in the application field. Meanwhile, it is the preferred international professional platform for trade negotiations, brand promotion, and technical exchanges among industry enterprises. The exhibition guided by market demand adheres to long-term service for the development of the industry, and pays attention to in-depth exploration and integration of industry resources. Now, with the increasing influence year by year, it is making continuous innovation and the latest development concepts to the field. The exhibition has been making outstanding contributions to promoting the development of the titanium industry and technological progress. In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of our country's titanium industry, help the high-quality development of the titanium industry move towards a new journey, promote the titanium industry to carry out trade cooperation and technical exchanges in the post-epidemic era, and accelerate the construction of a new pattern of "dual cycle" industry development, the fourth China Titanium Expo will be held from April 21-23 in 2021 in Baoji Exhibition Center. It is sponsored by the People’s Government of Baoji Municipality and Titanium Zirconium and Hafnium branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and is organized by Management Committee of Baoji Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone and Beijing Hiven Exhibition Co., Ltd.. At the same time, the 2021 China Titanium Industry Development Summit Forum will be held. We sincerely invite you to meet again in the "China Titanium Valley" and share the grand event of the titanium industry.

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The three major advantages of the Titanium Expo can ensure the maximum effectiveness of the exhibitors. Advantage 1: The Titanium Expo focuses on the global titanium industry market. Through the joint efforts of many parties, it has become the world’s largest professional exhibition and the only non-ferrous metal industry exhibition in the industry approved by the government authority; Advantage 2: Titanium Expo is the world's leading titanium industry chain trade exchange platform, committed to building a supply and demand platform to achieve seamless resource connection. The organizer will invite high-quality buyers from abroad to visit and purchase on site, and hold a number of B2B business matching activities, so that supply and demand can be effectively matched; Advantage 3: After six years, the Titanium Expo has won high recognition and extensive participation from all walks of life, has become the preferred international platform for corporate trade negotiations, brand promotion and technical exchanges.

Why to Visit

In terms of exhibition and display, the Titanium Expo will comprehensively display advanced products, technologies and solutions brought by exhibitors from all over the world. At the same time, it will gather brand-new industry resources, present new trends and new ideas in the development of the titanium industry in many aspects, and expand the global vision of professional audience. At the same time, the organizers will also strive to create a series of high-quality forums on different topics, providing professional audiences with a broader industry dialogue and academic exchange platform. Concentrate all efforts and compose a new chapter together. Under the joint efforts of all parties, the 2021 Titanium Expo will bring more diverse and rich value information to participants, and promote government, industry, university and research to reach an agreement, collaboration and mutual benefit on the topic of seizing the "dual cycle" opportunity and actively integrating into the new development pattern.

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