Help China "can ascend nine days and dare to descend five oceans"


During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Baoti Group has achieved fruitful scientific research achievements, many amazing "Baoti manufacturing" and "Baoti Creation" have emerged in succession -- 48 superior scientific and technological achievement awards, including 16 provincial and ministerial achievements; 36 patents were applied and 23 patents were authorized; The patent of "a kind of vacuum creep shaping Furnace" won the Gold Medal of China Patent; As one of the main research units, the project of "4500 meters manned submersible (Deep-sea Warrior) development" won the Special prize of Science and Technology Award of China Society of Naval Architecture and Engineering, realizing the domestication of key components of Deep-sea submersible in China, which was fully recognized and highly appreciated by General Secretary Xi Jinping...


The hero of this series of brilliant achievements is bao Ti new materials research and development innovation team. At the sixth National Outstanding Professional and technical Talents commendation meeting held on October 28 this year, The R&D and innovation team of Baoti New materials was awarded the title of "National Advanced Collective of Professional and technical Talents" by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was commended and rewarded.


As the core scientific research force of Baoti Group, a leading enterprise in China's titanium industry, the R&D and innovation team of Baoti New Materials has always been committed to the research and development of high-end cutting-edge titanium alloy materials, and the technological innovation achievements have laid a solid foundation for the steady development of China's titanium industry. At present, this team is led by Bao Ti group leaders Wang Wensheng, Lei Rongqi, Gao Qi, Jia Shuanxiao, Wang Jian, with 6 high-level talents such as "Sanqin Scholars", government special paste, outstanding contribution experts, and more than 130 postgraduate and doctoral students, with strong titanium and titanium alloy processing technology and scientific research strength. The Shenzhou spacecraft, the Chang 'e project, the manned deep-sea submersible, the C919 and other key national projects have all been deeply engraved with the team's mark.


Entering the "deep sea" will help China's manned deep-sea diving to a new level


On November 10, 2020, the 10,000-meter deep-sea submersible "Striver", equipped with a titanium alloy manned ball capsule developed by Baoti, successfully sat in the Bottom of the Mariana Trench, creating a new record for China's manned deep-sea submersible, making a historic leap from "parallel running" to "leading" in the field of deep-sea exploration and equipment.


Since the r&d and innovation team of Baoti New Materials undertook the national Oceanic technology 863 Program "Research on manufacturing Technology of TC4 Manned Spherical Shell for 4500 meters Manned Submersible" and the national key RESEARCH and development Program "Development of titanium alloy manned capsule for deep manned submersible", they have successfully conquered a number of key technologies and successfully developed titanium alloy manned spherical capsule. It has filled in a number of gaps in domestic titanium alloy research, reached the international advanced level, greatly improved the overall level of titanium alloy manufacturing and scientific research capacity in China, and ended the situation that China's deep submersible manned spherical capsule relies on imports.


Team to develop manned titanium alloy ball tank size is big, complicated structure, true sphericity and dimension accuracy requirement is high, large wall thickness of weld, weld the performance index requirements parent metal and its application of the large size of super thick titanium alloy plate preparation, hemisphere as a whole are forming and electron beam welding technology for the original technology, reached the international advanced level, with completely independent intellectual property rights, It plays an important role in promoting the progress of China's titanium industry in new material development, advanced equipment manufacturing technology, ocean development and other fields, especially the successful development of titanium alloy manned capsule for deep-sea manned submersible, realizing the pedigree of deep-sea pressure equipment manufacturing of our company.


Enter "blue sky" to promote the localization of titanium alloy materials in aviation industry


In the project of "Titanium alloy material development and Engineering Production for Large Aircraft", the R&D and innovation team of Baoti New Materials undertook the research and development tasks of 5 new aerospace materials, and successfully completed the research, application research and examination and verification tasks of all new titanium alloy materials. According to the overall design idea of the project and the requirements of airworthiness certification, the team carried out multi-furnace and multi-batch development work, which laid a solid foundation for the installation and test flight work. Team adhere to strictly control from the source material, from the technical specifications, production organization, process control, quality, etc, to make optimization and control, research and development of titanium alloy material to meet the project under the premise of guarantee performance strength must be structural weight, green environmental protection, saving energy and reducing consumption of general design requirements, and in such aspects as material delivery and subsequent components manufacturing actively follow up, Provide quality after-sales service and technical support.


In May 2017, the first C919 large passenger aircraft in the successful completion of the Shanghai pudong airport first flight, at the same time by the treasure titanium team to develop new materials research and development innovation of TC18 titanium alloy titanium alloy material such as bar also has been applied in the large transport aircraft and engine, marked the our country has perfect aviation titanium alloy material research and development and production system, Titanium alloy materials in modern aviation industry have been replaced by domestic production, laying a solid foundation for China's large commercial aircraft to enter the international market.


Tamping foundation gives full play to the role of titanium and titanium alloy scientific research foundation


Baoti new materials R&D and innovation team attaches great importance to titanium basic research. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, it presided over the formulation of 35 standards and participated in the formulation of 15 standards, including 26 national standards, 18 military standards and 6 commercial standards, which has played a cornerstone role in the development of China's titanium industry.


Thanks to the profound accumulation of basic research, the team has made more than 20 key technological breakthroughs in titanium and titanium alloy smelting, forging, rolling, welding, equipment and other fields in the past five years. The research and development achievements of titanium alloy bars, plates and forgings meet the material requirements of weapons and equipment such as submarines and new vehicles. The industrialization technology of recycling, treatment and utilization of titanium and titanium alloy residue developed with independent intellectual property rights has completely opened up the industrialization channel of titanium and titanium alloy adding and returning materials, making an important contribution to the resource recycling of Titanium industry in China. At present, the team has EB furnace smelting, aerospace titanium alloy sheet processing, aerospace AA wide titanium alloy plate processing, titanium alloy profile extrusion, nuclear titanium alloy zirconium alloy pipe processing, titanium alloy special-shaped pipe preparation and other core technologies, which are the only one in China and reach the international advanced level.


We will build platforms to deliver results in innovation-driven development


Treasure titanium new materials research and development in recent years, the innovation team effort, successively in treasure titanium group built state-level enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research station, international cooperation base and so on national innovation platform of science and technology, member of the first expert workstation zirconium, titanium in shaanxi province and shaanxi province new nickel materials engineering research center, the provincial science and technology innovation platform. Based on innovative technology platform, team and titanium processing enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad jointly bear the task, the thorough system to carry out the transformation of titanium alloy research and achievements, particularly in the international cooperation of science and technology to expand cooperation channels, innovative ways of cooperation, enhance cooperation level, successively cooperating with German aachen university institute of plastic molding is titanium alloy deformation simulation project research; Undertake 3 international exchange and cooperation projects of Shaanxi Province, such as EPS lost mold development technology; Scientific and technological cooperation projects have been carried out, such as the development of new titanium alloy plates for automobiles and new high-strength and high-toughness titanium alloy wires for mobile phone fasteners, and many research achievements have been achieved. It not only effectively promotes the technological innovation strength of enterprises, but also provides a strong guarantee for further building a high-level professional technical innovation team.


"Performance is the glory and responsibility and power" treasure titanium new materials research and development innovation team leader, treasure titanium group party secretary, chairman wen-sheng wang said, will continue to firmly applied research orientation, in order to meet market and customer demand as the guidance, watching the world famous material demand trend of aviation enterprises, focus on the domestic aviation, aerospace, Marine and other key projects in the field of, We focus on the demand of materials in emerging fields such as construction, new energy, titanium and life, and constantly research and develop new products and make breakthroughs in new technologies to better lead the high-quality development of China's titanium industry.